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Changing to OtakuNet!


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New name, new everything! Empty

New name, new everything!

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New name, new everything! Empty New name, new everything!

Post by Alex Thu Aug 06, 2009 3:36 am

Hello everyone! As you can see I have re-activated the portal and the newsbord is back to being linked to the news forum, so webmasters our posts in the news forum needs to be for very important purposes again.

I know the site has been offline for a long time and now we have a new url and name. That is because the Halo discussion got old and now it will be much more open for anything because the meaning of otaku, in the best way I can explain it, is someone who plays games and watches anime all the time and other stuff like that.

The forum will be changing a lot too. I may keep around the old categories and forums into the trash bin, rather then deleting them because I know some people want to keep their rank, in a section made for them in the trash bin. Regular members cannot post in it of course because everything in the trash is locked but I ask the administrators to please keep from posting in it.

Also, the image hosting service of some of our old forum pics went down and we needed a new look anyways so I'm using an old theme I made at a friends once but I'm trying to add different images to it. The ranking system may change due to the fact that I may not be able to get a pic for webmaster etc. because I no longer have a good photoshop to make them myself and unless x12ag3x comes in sometime soon I might have to ask a site to help out with some of our needs, so the webmaster rank may become simply administrtor, Headmaster rank might be Super-Mod, and the founder rank will probably just be the admin pic with "Founder" in text above it.

There are so many technical issues right now like: Images, Live Video Stream widget is having trouble with size, the portal is very cluttered, a new chat needs to be added, music playlists need edited, a new video portal needs made, rules need to be updated.

To get to the point, I'm going to be remodling and redecorating the entire site, moving everything aroud, deleting some old stuff, and creating some new stuff. Give me a few days to finish with all the changes.

Very Happy Thanks!

PS. The new images are from SakuraHana which I haven't gotten confirmation if it is okay to use them yet. Let's just pray that we can! ^.^

PSS. I am also creating new features like the points (mod) system and a staff blog to make things more interesting!

PSSS. I've backed-up all the old data and copied the custom CSS to a document so don't worry about that.

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