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Changing to OtakuNet!


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GnR Mosh Pit

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GnR Mosh Pit

Post by Renn75 on Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:28 pm

GnR Mosh Pit

mosh into the circling pit
slamming to a power fit
once you're in
you can't get out
fear is banished in a shout

fall into the crowd below
end it with a final blow
fatigue is now an enemy
will the slamming ever slow?

-lyrics by The Crucified

•To be played with: GnR Guardian - I have a GnR BlackPit made and will upload if this goes over well.
•King of the Hill
•Grav Hammers N’ Rockets (maybe a surprise here and there also)
•1 point in the hill
•2 points uncontested hill
•Power Ups morph you into a 300 pound metal head joining the circle pit! (I hate those guys!!!)

Please leave feedback and comments.

Thank you,


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