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Last Kingdom Hearts News

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Last Kingdom Hearts News

Post by Guest on Sat May 31, 2008 12:09 am

TGS07: Square Enix Reveals Kingdom Hearts, More

quare unpacked its Mega Theater for this year’s Tokyo Game Show, giving the press a chance to see some of the company’s latest trailers and product announcements. The last time we were in the theater was at Square Enix Party 2007, just a few months ago. At that event, a brief clip was shown, ending with a glimpse at Mickey’s gloved hand and text saying that more Kingdom Hearts news would be announced at TGS. Square Enix certainly lived up to that promise, delivering not one, but three all-new Kingdom Hearts titles.
Interestingly, all of those new games will be released on portable-hardware platforms. If you were hoping you’d be able to check out Sora and friends on your PS3 or Xbox 360, you’re going to have to sit this one out. One of the games, Kingdom Hearts Coded, is being released on mobile phones in Japan, which means that there’s a distinct possibility that it won’t be coming to the U.S., at least until we get our cell-phone networks up to speed. It’s a shame, too, because the game has a pretty interesting concept: Players will take control of a virtual Sora who is tasked with freeing some unknown figures from an unknown torment. Yes, Square Enix is being coy. Since you’re not a flesh-and-blood character but a digital facsimile, you’ll be able to do a variety of computer-inspired maneuvers. In a boss fight shown in the trailer, a crafty villain kept Sora at bay by dropping boxes around himself. After wading through a menu and turning clipping off, virtual Sora could cruise right on through and get right in the bad guy’s face. Cool.

The reveal for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was preceded with the text “The time of the other side.” The DS title highlights the adventures of two boys, Axel and Roxas, and their work with Organization XIII. In-game footage showed four players fighting the heartless together cooperatively. While this was still obviously very early in the production process, it was a pretty ugly game. Kingdom Hearts titles have made the most of the hardware they’ve been on in the past, so let’s hope it gets the polish that it definitely needs.
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is a PSP title that features three new heroes and their individual scenarios. What we know of the story is that it concerns Xehanort, one of the masters of the Keyblade long before Sora, who disappeared mysteriously one day. As with the other Kingdom Hearts titles revealed in the theater, not much was shown. We’re definitely interested in learning more about the three games, particularly how they all tie together, if they do at all.
Of course, the trailers weren’t all about Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix showed off a dizzying array of Final Fantasy material, too. While a lot of the footage had been shown off at Square Enix Party, there was enough new material added to the older trailers to keep them fresh.
A new character was shown in Final Fantasy XIII, a young female wielding what looked to be an oversized boomerang and surveying a savannah from a cliff above. It was more of a quick glance—she was only onscreen for about five seconds.
We saw a quick look at The 3rd Birthday, which featured a bride and an otherwise empty church. At least it was empty until a gunman barged in and started shooting the place up, starting at the stained glass windows and working down toward the pews. Fortunately for her, the bride was packing more that a bouquet. The sequence was stylish and up to the high standards of Square Enix’s other CG work, but it didn’t show any gameplay or clues as to what exactly was going on.
Finally, some more Final Fantasy Versus XIII footage was shown, interspersed with previously released material. The new scenes included shots of a group of sinister-looking men in a boardroom; a slightly goofy-looking character armed with a short-barreled shotgun; and an extended combat scene.
The Kingdom Hearts news alone made the Mega Theater Presentation worth checking out, but Square Enix gave Final Fantasy fans plenty of new stuff to drool over, too. We’ll be keeping our eyes on all the titles announced and shown during the event, and we’ll bring it to you as more details are made available.

I am a huge KH fan so I will be posting a lot of news on upcoming KH games, above is the last thing Game Informer Posted on their site.

We have our own Library of Kingdom Hearts Videos Here (Not the funny ones).


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Re: Last Kingdom Hearts News

Post by Spork201 on Tue Jul 08, 2008 3:32 pm

never heard of that game

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Re: Last Kingdom Hearts News

Post by TateR iZ FaT on Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:35 pm

i heard of it, but i havent played it. imo-not something i would like. the whole idea of it.

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Re: Last Kingdom Hearts News

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